Are you an emotional eater quiz?


Emotional Eating Quiz

Are you a foodie? Take heart, you’re not alone. Are you a foodie with mega emotional problems? May be you need to take this quiz.

Many people who deal with weight problems experience lack of control when it comes to eating food. They eat the wrong kinds of food and they eat at all the wrong times. Some gorge, others nibble. Some carry their love of food on their figures; a a lucky few are reed thin. Still, not all of them suffer from food disorders.

Knowing the root cause of overeating is important if you want a long-term solution to the problem. The following emotional eating quiz will help you understand whether your tendency to eat is tangled with your emotions.

Emotional eating quiz.

You experience sudden onset of hunger.
a) Always b) Rarely

You feel guilty after eating a large quantity of something delicious
a) Always b) Rarely

When you feel ravenous, you want only a certain type of food
a) Always b) Rarely

Sometimes you eat even when you are not particularly hungry
a) Always b) Rarely

There are particular times of the day when you feel ravenous
a) Always b) Rarely

When you feel hungry, you reach for ice creams, pizza, pasta or French fries
a) Always b) Rarely

You find yourself willing to go to great lengths to get your food of the moment
a) Always b) Rarely

You are secretive about what you eat and how much you eat
a) Always b) Never

You plot and plan about what you are going to have in your next meal
a) Always b) Rarely

There are times when you feel utterly bored and turn to eating because it is something to do
a) Often b) Rarely

More a’s
If most of your answers have been in the affirmative, then you need to sit up and pay attention. For you, eating is a stress buster and you dig in when you feel bored, emotional or scared. Typically, you reach out for particular kinds of food. Do not be surprised by your total devotion to food because food means much more than nutrition to you. You may be secretive about your food habits because your irresistible desire to eat is something of an embarrassment. Each episode of eating may be followed by intense feelings of remorse and guilt.

More b’s
Your eating patterns have little to do with emotional eating. Even if you experience occasional episodes of overeating, this is quite natural.

This emotional eating quiz would have helped you identify the underlying cause of your eating problem. If you are an emotional eater, then it is recommended that you learn more about your problem and recognize your emotional triggers and comfort foods. This is the first line of defense against the emotional overeating problem.

If you are an emotional eater, make sure to download a copy of the Emotional Eating Solution, the book which will teach how to overcome emotional eating forever.

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