Dreaming on protein

After having 4 nights of intense dreams that had an unpleasant theme. I was prompted to google "Does high protein give you bad dreams?" Sure enough I found several article and even some clinical trials theorizing that the protein rich dieters remember more of their dreams when awakened mid sleep. So its not necessarily we have more bad dreams but that we remember them. Increased metabolism was one of the factors mentioned that may be an influencing factor. I have awoke to remember my dreams in vivid recall and being able to remember every little bizarre detail. Not so great for me. As I read more, it stated that bad dreams are a sign of a disturbed mind...I quit reading! I think I will stick with it being a fast metabolism. So I posted one of the many articles I found with this protein and metabolism theory for the cause of the dreams or actually allowing me to recall the dreams in such clarity. Just so we all know, I would much rather not remember the ones I have been having. I take back my older request of No Sweet Dreams! Bring on the sugar plums dancing in my head.
Atkins diet causes bad dreams COSMOS magazine

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