Ahhhh throw me a lifsaver! Im drowning in my own fat! Now im Awake and anxious! I read a few things last night about people that have died during the bypass surgery. It's downright scary! I chose my surgeon for his reputation, statistics on success stories and complications and experience. But the Dr can perform a perfect surgery and so many things go wrong with your body. Who knows what's going on in there...after all hundreds of pounds of fat have been smothering my organs. Needless to say the thoughts of possible outcomes
Is frightening. I have been so excited about the surgery and have so much support. I'm blessed with a wonderful husband and a house full of furrbabies. The risk is there as it is with all major surgeries but I have to just do what the Dr says and put it in Gods hands because the way I'm living now is not the way I want to live. It's miserable being over 300 lbs. Its no way to live so feel my surgery will be a lifesaver.

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