Road block!

Well i must say its been a busy two days. yesterday my primary doctor was not anxious about releasing me for surgery, but i don't need her too. What i do need is my test and lab results for my surgeon. I did finally get them after a couple of hours. She isn't hot about WLS(weight loss surgery) but she is also a genetically thin skinny bitch and I don't really care what her opinion is. i really need a dr that's interested in helping me reach my goals and getting healthier. Pretty sure at 301 lbs I am not successful at keeping weight off. Ive been hugely successful at a couple of diets however it comes back. for me surgically altering my intake machine will help...in a "big" way! So to all those naysayers and haters, get ready to eat my skinny dust in about 6 months.
I also had a mental health visit yesterday with my prepubescent psychologist who told me she was leaving to go elsewhere. Thank Goodness, she wasn't exactly super experienced, but i told her I was seeking another Dr in the civilian world. She will be fine without me...i tend to keep my doctors on their toes because i don't mess around. I say it how it is and tell them if I don't like their service...which seems to be more often with these little baby doctors. oh well i got what i wanted was my medication changed to a liquid form...2 down and so much more to go.
[Image]Today I called my insurance to update my information...this is where i ran into my roadblock...while on the phone with the insurance rep i asked how my claim was going. She said there would have to be a claim submitted for it to be processed...I said OK thank you. So of course I immediately call my insurance advocate at Bariatric specialists...she hadn't submitted it yet...blah blah blah..but she promises to submit it today! Seriously....all this time i thought i was gonna be on the slab to slice and dice in a couple of weeks and this. Well, its OK...ill be patient. On a LIGHTER note I'm down 9 pounds from my preop diet...which is very motivating. Now that's enough for today and only 2 chalky protein shakes til I'm back again. Love ya.

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