I'm Back and still dwindling...

Well, its been a while since I've posted. I am now almost 7 weeks post op and 62 lbs smaller. I am still not eating much but its getting better and I'm getting braver. I spend alot of time on my Facebook group I created Dwindling Divas WLS group. I get a ton of support there and people seem to be more supportive and responsive on the Facebook group than a blog...and support has been my lifeline. Without groups that i was in before i started my own and my group, i would have fallen flat on my face. These people i have grown to rely on and look for everyday have changed my life. I don't care who you are, you cant do this alone. It is too difficult. I have my good days and i have my bad days, but i do try to stay positive and motivating. There is no text book rule that can be followed step by step to the perfect weight loss surgery journey. I have yet to find someone that is exactly like me in this process. Sure there are similarities and guidelines but nothing is set in stone. You have to find your way and find what works for you. I have gotten help from many weight loss surgery veterans that have hearts of gold and i have gotten advice from people who want you to fail. Schadenfreude if you will. Yes there are people out there that want to be the one and only weight loss surgery champion that know everything and there way is the only way and they will dance with joy at your failures. Look out for them...although they are scarce and few, they are there. For the most part i have experienced good kind giving people who only want success for you and I've been blessed with the best supporters ever. I think all in all, so far I have had a  good journey with few complications...i am yet a baby though and this is a lifelong journey. My greatest accomplishment so far though, funny enough, is not the weight loss, but the inspiration i have created in others to start living a better life. To start living a life for themselves and stop killing themselves with food and lack of movement. If only I inspired one, which i have, then i have succeeded in making a difference. That is why i went public, to make a difference and to prove to myself and others that this was a life worth saving and a life worth living. Thanks for being patient on my sporadic posts and i promise to post more frequently. Until then, be kind to one another and Love yall...the Dwindling Diva, Leslie

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