NO EMERGENCY ROOM. My Surgeon called back and said no to ER unless I drove 2.5 hours to San Antonio to go to my surgery hospital. Made an appt for me to get gall bladder ultra sound on Monday July 9. He's coming to the clinic in Killeen on Friday and made an appt for me to come in. Almost didn't give me an Rx and wanted me to wait til Friday. Well I threw a fit and finally he called in phenegran. I thought ok, well maybe that will help with the antacid and the mylanta and the kaopectate for the burning diarrhea. I hoped. Then I got the Rx and it's suppositories. Yes! Suppositories for my diarrhea butt. Oh I am fit to be tied and madder than a wet hen. Of course office is closed now so I can't call. But I have no choice but to take anti diarrheal and then use suppositories. I'm suffering and need some relief. But this nice sweet patient ain't gonna be so nice on Friday. This crap has gone on long enough. I want a camera or whatever they need to do inside me to find out what the hell is going on. I love the fact I have lost almost 70 lbs in 2 months but enough is enough. I'm tired of burning in my stomach, esophagus and ass. Please experienced sleevers, tell me what you have gone through. Is it anything like this?

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