Update...Chow Bella gall Bladder

I know I'm not the best at updating but i try...i am now almost 2 1/2 months post op...after surgery and i have spent most of that time on liquids. I was nauseous most of the time and did complain to my surgeon multiple times. I was put on medications and finally 2 weeks ago ordered to get an ultra sound. Well i did as my Dr told me but they never called me back and i ran out of medication. Needless to say i became frustrated when calls weren't returned...so when i did finally get a hold of someone(who had broken English mind you) I demanded to speak to the Dr or the nurse...she put me on hold again...so i called back and yelled at the girl until she put the MA, medical assistant on. I told her i wanted my meds  refilled and i wanted to now my ultra sound results. She told me that I should call the hospital and the Dr to remind them to get the results....I was not happy. But i got my meds and they said they would be calling back with results once they got them. % hours later they called after the office was closed on a Friday and left the message that my gall bladder was slush and i needed to call back for a gall bladder removal date(all in broken English). well since the office was closed I obviously couldn't call back to clarify what little miss broken English said...so i am assuming i need my gall bladder removed and i need to call Monday to schedule that. So that is what i will do, hoping i have no major gall bladder attacks or ruptures over the weekend. Needless to say I am frustrated on many levels but I am happy that I will be getting the cause of my 8 week sickness dealt with...in a timely manner? Yet to be seen. Wish me luck and chow Bella gall bladder!

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