Protein, protein, protein!

So drinking the protein shakes is not quite as easy as i thought it would be. i t literally takes me 30-40 minutes to drink one, and i haven't even had surgery yet. Taking 30 minutes to ingest it will not be a problem. Some of my concerns are getting enough water, not gulping, eating slow enough and getting sick. I'm only in the pre-op diet but i have been reading over my material and guidelines. i know I will be able to do it because I'm an obsessive rule follower. LOL I drive the speed limit, I acknowledge the protocol of stay on right when in grocery store, and i do not go in the only 10 items if i have 11 in grocery line. Stupid? No, I have always been like that growing up. I did what my parents said, I did what my teachers said and I was in the Army. So I'm pretty sure I can handle the rules that go with this life change, especially since my well being depends on it. My husband is being very supportive and making sure I worry about nothing and only stay focused on my goal. I appreciate that because i am a worrier.
Today I'm going through the cabinets and getting rid of all sugar and carbohydrate foods and drinks and boxing it up for my dog helper. He is a good kid and their family could use the help and I could use the help of him taking it out of my sight. lol I'm just finishing my protein shake and its been 45 minutes. It gets thicker as time passes...may need to thin it out a bit with water. With the gastric sleeve, i cant use straws , chew gum or gulp because it may cause an air build up that could cause a leak...so i really need to slow it down. My whole life i have been a fast eater and a guzzler, so this is a huge change for me. I have to say though, the excitement and anxiousness is getting more and more everyday. just cant wait to hear my surgery date.

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